What You Get With SART

Financial Statements Preparation

Automatically prepares the financial statements needed for the S-1, S-1/A, 8-K, 8-K/A, lookback 10-Q, Q1-Q3, and 10-K.

Saves Time

Functions as a preparer and reviewer, and saves numerous hours spent on quality checks.

Management and Control

Vendor management and controls to ensure accruals are accurate at the end of each reporting period. Provides real-time reconciliation

Presentation based on formation location

Automatically presents financial statements based on where entities are formed (Delaware/Cayman). e.g. Shareholder/Stockholder, Common Stock/Ordinary Shares, Preferred Stock/Preference Shares


Provides 30 mostly utilized sample entries to help new preparers understand what needs to be done when provided with client data.

Printer Friendly

DFIN, Toppan Merrill, and other printers can easily copy and paste financial data from the output file into their module to generate printer proof versions.


Financial statement line items (FSLI) name can be modified per client preference without altering presented balances.

Reclassification & IPO Closing Entries

Automatically books reclassification and elimination entries e.g. Deferred offering costs reclassification into carrying value of Class A and immediate accretion to redemption value.

Costs Calculation, Allocation &, Amortization

Automatically calculates transaction costs allocation to fair value instruments and amortization schedules for D&O insurance.


Changes in SEC guidance and new accounting standard updates (ASUs) are integrated on the backend to ensure clients focus on what is most important to the transaction.

Welcome to SPAC Automation LLC

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About Us

SPAC Automation LLC was formed to cater to the needs in the mergers and acquisitions market space. The team is made up of professionals with significant experience in Accounting, Auditing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Cyber/Cloud Security and Infrastructure, Business Process Improvement, and more. We believe these requisite skillets are critical to what we do and how we serve our clients.

Throughout the SPAC lifecycle as shown below, we provide end-to-end value to our clients by making sure financial statements and data necessary to meet regulatory compliance are provided to allow SPAC focus on the ultimate goal of de-SPAC.

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We are pragmatic, value driven, and forward thinkers that explore opportunities to do our part to ensuring M&A transactions evolve at an optimal speed.

Services We Offer

As a start-up company, we continuously take the pulse of the M&A landscape to determine where automation is needed to improve the speed of transaction from SPAC formation through post business combination.


We currently offer services in the B2B space to accounting firms that facilitate the preparation of financial statements for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). Automation services that can be performed with our SART tool include the following:


1.     Face financials i.e. Balance Sheet (BS), Income statement (IS), Statement of Stockholders Equity (SOSE), Statement of Cash Flows (SOCF) for the following SEC filings:

-   Initial form S-1 filing

-   Form S-1/A financial statements with comparative periods

-   Form 8-K and related fair value disclosures (contains only audited BS but equity rollforwards are required by auditors for audit purposes)

-   Lookback Form 10-Qs

-   Form 10-Q for Q1-Q3

-   Form 10-K

2.     Capitalization and dilution tables included in form S-1, Form S-1/A

3.     Notes to financial statements tables:

-   Earnings per share footnote disclosures and supporting calculations

-   Fair value footnotes (Asset and liabilities)

-   Change in fair value footnote (with historical and YTD)

4.     Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) template, including financial data from the current and prior periods.

5.     Account reconciliations through pivot tables

6.    Vendor management and controls for accuracy of vendor balances

7.    Chart of accounts and trial balance

How You Can Reach Us

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